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Inform me why you told me to f-off cause I was explaining TO SOMEONE ELSE why Wonder Woman ISN'T who they think she is? Also don't f-ing tell me to f-off just cause I f-ing explain something. "Oh there this, f-off." "Oh there that, f-off.". How about you f-off for being an f-ing rude asshole that doesn't even know how how to change a post from link to text?


Fuck off cunt. I honestly didn’t even read what you said. I’m just being an asshole to everyone under the feminism tag. And I figured you were bringing feminism into superheroes which is a big no no.

no dude.  you need to fully read a post before jumping to conclusions.  some people DO find feminism in wonder woman.  It is unfortunate, but people DO over analyze superhero comics. 

Ami: I wonder how I transformed with that pen from the arcade.
Luna: I wonder it too.
Me: Oh you know darn well how, Luna.
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Goku’s not having any of your shit today Vegeta.

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Even people who’ve never played this will know who he’s talking about.

too true


So I’ve gotten to and past 500 followers. WHOO!

congrats beloved


"The creator of Wonder Woman is a feminist and made her a feminist and I hate men writing her instead of women cause they aren’t many female writers and the current writer for Wonder Woman isn’t making her a feminist like she’s supposed to be and thinks the word feminist is bad."

Gee, I wonder why. Oh wait, it’s likely cause of those stupid extreme feminists running around with their stupid extreme views, giving real feminists a bad name and ruining things for them as they just want equality with BOTH genders.

Also where the hell does it f-ing state that Wonder Woman was made to be a feminist? She’s described as a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace and sexual equality. That doesn’t make her an f-ing feminist. In fact she’s only considered one by the people that read or know of the comic. You can be a woman and want gender quality and NOT be a feminist.

Also her creator WASN’T a feminist. Yes he championed the causes of women of the day but it doesn’t make him a feminist. He was a psychologist and inventor. He based Wonder Woman off his wife and Olive Byrne who lived with them in an extended relationship. He wasn’t the one that came up with her being a woman too. He told his wife he had an idea to make a new kind of superhero that would triumph not with fists (kinda ironic as she wins most fights BY using her fists) or firepower but with love. His wife went “Fine but make her a woman.” and he wrote the char to have the strength of Superman but also have the strong good qualities that women have (tenderness, peace-loving) but are seen as a weakness by both men AND women. I should also point out that feminist refer to WOMEN that work for equality between men and women. Not men. Seriously when have you seen a man actually call himself a feminist?


"I know a man created Wonder Woman."

Well then if you know that then why complain about a man WRITING the comic? Seriously that makes no sense and you’re just giving feminists a bad name by having these stupid views. No gives two f-ing cents on who writes a series staring a female character. All they care about is if it’s entertaining.




Most of the Total Drama fandom during Total Drama All-Stars and the entire Total Drama fandom during the last episode of All-Stars.

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Chris season 1: Dodgeball! Talent show! Cooking challenge!
Chris season 6: I am literally trying to kill these fucking kids


Seriously just cause a creator of a series can’t speak English doesn’t mean they can’t have any final say in who voices the characters they made.

(also I’m cringing over how someone that has a Sailor Moon icon has the gall to say that about the creator of the series, if you can’t treat Naoko Takeuchi with any respect then you shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself a Sailor Moon fan)

in all honestyi think that supersqueak is REALLY overreacting.  look the CREATOR of the series helped to select the cast for the dub.  THAT IS HER RIGHT AS THE SERIES CREATOR!  sorry if you dislike the choices, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not worth bitching about.


Shocking Tweets from Skylar Neese’s Killer After She Stabbed Her to Death

Ok seriously, what ever happened to just ENDING a friendship by telling the person that you no longer want to be friends for whatever reason?

agreed love that is just sick in a BAD way


When your computer doesn’t work. :P

can’t say i blame you there




the ultimate ally is here

For those wondering this is in the new issue of Life With Archie which comes out tomorrow. The issue after that deals with the aftermath of the shooting and the people of Riverdale remembering Archie. From what I read in an Yahoo article of this, issue 37 of Life With Archie will be the last issue of the series. I’m bummed it’s ending cause I really liked the alternate futures storylines the series had (and the Archie Marries series that lead to Life With Archie being made) and hoped it go on for many years but as they say all things come to an end and frankly if you’re going to end this kind of storyline the only way be with Archie’s death. (also for those getting at Archie Comics for doing this, IT’S NOT CANON. This is from an alternate future storyline like Days of Future Past so even if this Archie is gone, the canon Archie we all know and love is still going to be there for us to enjoy in the many, many years to come)

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Pink footsie pajamas with little warden feet, and the little Alice and Warden dolls! So adorable *V*